If you require any further information or simply want to know more about our divisions or club please contact us on:

0420 904 494 or simply email [email protected]

Unfortunately at this current time we do not have a Women’s competition, but encourage any women that are interested to come down to the club and have a run. Women are allowed to play in the league with the men we then just have a mixed team which all teams welcome.

All age groups are based on that the player has to be the required age in that competition year.

Exception is made if you are a Goal Keeper

Yes, you can this is called Dual signing though when you decide to do this you have to choose your first team which means that if for some reason your teams plays at the same time or are playing each other you HAVE to play for your first team. We try and avoid this by having a rule that you cannot sign for a dual team in the same Division as your first team, although there are some exceptions.

The Fee for a Casual player is $15.00 per game. If you are signing as a casual player i.e you are unable to make all the games for your team in the season due to work commitments etc you still have to pay $10.00 club membership and sign a waiver.

You can signup as a member on any playing night. We have a yearly membership and a playing fee for each competition. 
All persons who are players in a Legends Football  team with the exception of guest players must be members of the Gold Coast Over 35 Soccer Association Inc. All players participating in the Legends Football. are required to sign an acknowledgement that they are individually and personally responsible for his/her provision of personal accident insurance to relieve the club of any responsibility whatsoever should the player become injured, unable to work or incapacitated while participating in activities organised by the Gold Coast Over 35’s Soccer Association Inc. Players will have to prove their age with a photo identification. We have a NO PAY NO PLAY policy.

Yes, if age appropriate you can play in any competition as long as you are at least 30 in the year of playing.

Keith Hunt Park, Musgrave Avenue Labrador

Please feel free to Contact us on 0420 904 494 or email us at [email protected]

Please View Registration Page or contact Dannii  on 0420 904 494 or email us at [email protected]

First game starts at 6:30pm the second at 7:35 pm and last game at 8:40pm

Teams who have not had eleven (11) players signed up can request for an “Assist Player”. An Assist Player is a person from another team who is available to assist the team every week. The registrar or committee determines whether a player can be an Assist Player. The player has to be a reliable person who is be able to play 2 games per week. The player will only assist the team till the team has eleven (11) players registered. The last player signed up as Assist Player will drop off first. A team using “Assist Players” can still use “Guest” and “Spare Book Players”. An “Assist Player” does not have to pay any extra fees.

Our Teams Play on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Monday: 30s Division

Tuesday’s: 55’s and Legends 7s

Wednesday: 40s Division

Thursday: 50s Division

A No Team Player is a player without a team and can play from the “Book”. Only once a week a No Team Player can be taken first off the “Book” in the current week. The second time in the same week the player will be in the “Spare Player’s Book” as any other team member. A New player takes preference over a no-team player in the “Book”.

A Guest Player can be a non member of our association or a non-financial member who has not signed up as a player in the last year.Guest player can only play twice (2) for the same team. The playing fees must be paid the third time the person plays.

Teams don’t train but if you feel you need more than one game per week to improve your skill or get more fitness you can become a Book Player or a Dual Signed Player.

Games are played 30 minutes each way with 3 min half time.

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