New Members

We play February through to end November

We play at least 44 weeks each year with first season starting mid February and season 2 mid year. An FA Cup competition is held with rounds throughout the year

Legends also hosts the Gold Coast International 7s each October with teams from interstate and overseas competing in the various age groups. 

Our Legends representative team plays weekends in FQPL4



Keith Hunt Park, Musgrave
129-165 Musgrave Ave, Labrador


Each team plays 1 night a week which could be a Monday (O30s), Tuesday (O55s and Legends 7s), Wed (O40s) or Thursday (O50) depending on which team you play for. There are up to 6 matches a night (30 minutes each way) and they kick off at 6.30pm, 7.35pm and 8.40pm



It is 11 a side (7 aside in the 55s and Legends Sevens) and we play normal rules apart from no sliding tackles, no tackles from behind, no challenges on goalkeepers, no aggressive play and unlimited interchange.

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Costs & Seasons:

We normally play 2 to 3 seasons a year plus an FA Cup.

The fees are $40  per month for 1 team and $60 per month for 2 teams. 

Legends Membership also includes a Football Queensland Social Member with associated benefits.

We have over 450 members playing and enjoying a beer afterwards and we look forward to you joining us.

New players are always welcome and we’re keen to see you down here with us. Come down and try out for a two games and see how you like it. 

First two games are free for any new players

  • new players can play the first two games free
  • fees commence after you’ve played two games
  • don’t have a team, don’t worry, we’ll find you one

Friendly and sociable

  • have a beer after the game
  • no slide tackles, we’re here to make sure we  enjoy a game and can work the next day

Multiple Age Groups

  • Over 30
  • Over 35
  • Over 45
  • Over 50
  • Over 55
  • If age-appropriate you can play in more than one division if you want to

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