Competition rules


1.0 Rules

1.1 The Soccer Federation Rules shall apply except when superseded by any of the following rules.

1.2 The intent is for the competition rules to apply ongoing.

1.3 All players participating in Legends Football are required to sign an acknowledgement OR agree to Terms & Conditions upon electronic registration that they are individually and personally responsible for his/her provision of personal accident insurance to relieve the club of any responsibility whatsoever should the player become injured, unable to work or incapacitated while participating in activities organized by the Legends Football.

2.0 Team Composition

2.1 Each team can nominate any number of registered and financial players for any game. There is no limitation on the number of players registered for each team.

2.2 Players can freely change teams at the start of a season but need to be released from the team after playing the first game for that team. The player can play for the new team the week after the primary Team Leader has signed a release form. A player can only be released from the team if it has more than 11 players.

2.3 Players can be substituted at will. Any player can come on and off repeatedly with permission of the Referee but only when the ball is out of play.

2.4 Each team must nominate a Captain before the match begins.

2.5 All players must reach at least the age of 30 years in the year of competition.

In the Over 30’s comp players must reach the age of 30 years in the year of the competition. No underage players are allowed.

In the Over 40’s comp players must reach the age of 40 years in the year of the competition. Teams are allowed 2 players who are 38 or 39 in the current competition year.

In the Over 50’s comp players must reach the age of 50 years in the year of the competition. Teams are allowed 2 players who are 48 or 49 in the current competition year.

In the Over 55’s comp players must reach the age of 55 years in the year of the competition. Teams are allowed NO underage players.

2.6 A financial member of the club may register for a second or third team, be it another over 30 team, or an over 40 team. This is known as “Dual or Triple Registration”.

The player must pay a second or third registration fee, but is not required to pay a second membership fee.

The playing year is split into three seasons depending upon weather.

Dual-signing is not allowed within the same Division without the permission of the Committee.

2.7 The fees to be reviewed for the new competition by subsequent Committees.

2.8 A dual registration player has to nominate his primary team. The Team Leader from the primary team can refuse to release the player if both teams play at the same time.

2.9 A non-member is a member who has never been a financial member of Legends Football. This person is required to sign the acknowledgment/agree to the electronic version of the Terms & Conditions referred to in section 1.3 above before playing.

3.0 Forfeit Matches

Teams must have 8 registered players on the pitch to be a full competition game. Less than 8 players and the match is a forfeit and 3-0 recorded.

3 book players are allowed to make up a team of 11 and avoid a forfeit.

4.0 Officials

4.1 All officials should possess a good understanding of the rules.

4.2 A pool of Referees will be compiled by the Referee Coordinator.

All referees must be officially registered with the Club before refereeing any games to be eligible for payment. Voluntary referees accepted by both teams will be unpaid.

4.3 Fees for the Referee’s shall be borne by the Club.

4.5 The Registrar is deemed to be a paid official the same as a referee. Any abuse or disrespect toward the Registrar will be considered the same as abuse of a referee and the same penalties will apply.

5.0 Judiciary

5.1 Team Leaders are responsible for the conduct of their players and must withdraw any player who is unwilling to play in the intended spirit, fun and fellowship.

5.2 The Referee will have sole discretion as to disciplinary action against rough or ungentlemanly conduct on the field.

5.3 A sin-bin situation is to be implemented at the Referee’s discretion. This is a 10-minute period off the field shown as a Yellow card. No replacement is allowed.

5.4 Two yellow cards in a game will be considered the equivalent of a red card as in FIFA rules. A team may not replace a player who has been sent off for a red card offence.

5.5 If a player is given a red card (sent off) the player shall be suspended for 2 weeks from all teams that he is scheduled to play and also suspended from the Book.

A forfeited game or games cancelled by rain are not to be counted as a missed game.

The judiciary committee can impose a longer suspension if the referee submits a report with the red card.

Suspensions commence from the following competition night. e.g. A player receives a red card in a 6.30 game but is due to play for another team with which he is registered at 7.30, he cannot play.

A player cannot be replaced during the game he received the red card.

Should a team play a suspended player it will forfeit the game.

5.6 Any player who has been sent off for the second time (red card) during any competition is automatically suspended for 8 weeks.

Any suspended player has the right of appeal to the Judiciary Committee. A notice of intention to appeal must be given to the Secretary.

Any player who is suspended for more than the automatic two weeks has the right of appeal to the Judiciary Committee. A notice of intention to appeal must be given to the Secretary.

The Judiciary Committee must, within 1 week after the day of receipt call a meeting with the player to decide the appeal.

5.7 Blue Card – If a player shows unacceptable dissent or aggression, they will receive a Yellow card.

If at that tim or when they return to te pitch, they continue to abuse or threaten then the Referee will produce a Blue card.

A Blue card is an automatic 4 week ban. Should the player continue to abuse and berate then the Judiciary Committee can extend the duration of the Blue card suspension.

The Blue card is designed to be used primarily for repeat offenders who cannot change their behaviour and are overly abusive or aggressive.

6.0 Offences

6.1 No slide tackles are permitted. No tackles from behind are permitted.

Goalkeepers are allowed to slide out but not feet first.

Referee will award a direct free kick or penalty if offence committed in the penalty area.

6.1.1 First Offence – 10 minutes off field for yellow card and off for rest of match for second yellow card as it is determined as a red card.

6.1.2 Second Offence – Send Off – Referee to note name.

6.2 Aggressive play is not tolerated. Same penalty as above.

6.3 Dissent and foul language are not tolerated. Same penalty as above.

6.4 Any player(s) involved in fighting will be sent off immediately. (Red card)

6.5 A player who is laying/sitting/kneeling on the ground is not permitted to play at the ball within the vicinity of opposing players. Referee will award in a direct free kick. This rule applies to all divisions apart from the Over 30 divisions on a Monday.

6.6 To protect goalkeepers, any 50/50 challenge by an attacker on a goalkeeper is deemed to be a foul and a direct free kick awarded to the goalkeepers team.

For safety and in keeping within the spirit of the game players should be encouraged to pull out of any challenge with a goalkeeper which could result in injury.

6.7 Any team playing an incorrect “book player”, suspended, unregistered, underage or a non-financial player will forfeit the game.

6.8 A player incorrectly using the “book players” register will be suspended for two (2) weeks from the “book players” register and one (1) game for his own team. This includes a player playing for another team without using the “book players” register.

7.0 Venues

7.1 The Management Committee will determine details of the competitions regarding number of teams, length of games, point scores, trophies, etc. as the situation demands.

7.2 The Management Committee will issue draws of all competitions to each Team Leader who shall ensure that individual team members are aware of the draw. The Management Committee shall also post the draws on club noticeboards and website.

7.3 It shall be the responsibility of each player to check with his team’s nominated Representative as to changes of venues or date & times.

7.4 In case of both teams having the same colours: The away team changes – the second team named.

8.0 Team Sheets/Book Players

8.2 “Book” players are solely to assist teams to be able to have a full squad on the field.

8.3 Players who requested to be available in the “Book” register are players who are assisting the Club. The Club is not obligated to ensure the player has a full game.

8.4 If a team takes one or more book players then their total squad for that evening cannot be more than 12. IE if you take book players then you cannot have more than one sub.

8.5 If a team is short of players it must first use book players listed on the “book players” register, with first name on the register selected as first choice.

8.6 A team requesting a “book player” has the option to refuse a player if that player’s team is in an age group older than the requesting team. e.g. An Over 30s team also has the option to refuse a player over the age of 40.

8.7 If the team does not accept the next suitable player, no others can be selected.

8.8 A Team Leader can pre-arrange a Goalkeeper and either the Team Leader or Goalkeeper must register his name with the Registrar on the team sheet BEFORE the game. Pre-arranged Goalkeepers do not need to register on the “Book”.

Goalkeepers must remain in goal and cannot play on the pitch.

8.9 Players taken from the book register must be given a minimum 30 minutes playing time on the field.

8.10 Any team not complying with 8.9 will forfeit the game.

8.11 Any player fielding for a team without using the above rules regards “book” players will automatically be suspended for two (2) weeks on the “book” register and one (1) game for his own team. A forfeited game or a postponed game is not counted as a missed game. The offending team will forfeit the game.

8.12 Teams can take a maximum of three (3) players from the “book” register without the match being deemed a Forfeit. An injured “Book Player” can be replaced.

8.13 Players registering in the “Book” must identify if they are playing on the night for their own team, if so they will be advised that they are not eligible to play until all non-playing players are used. Players will be selected in the order of the “Book” register.

8.14 Team Leaders have the right to request verification as to the identity of any player on the opposition team sheet.

8.18 “Book” players have the option to decline playing for a higher division team without losing their place on the book register.

9.0 Casual Player Definition

A Casual player is a player who is registered to a team but for one of a number possible reasons does not think it is fair to pay the full registration fee They must be players who expect to play less than 50% of the scheduled games.

Reasons why a player might be termed a Casual are:

They work away or travel extensively and are available for less than 50% of the games.

They are returning from an injury and are unsure if they will be able to carry on playing or not.

The published schedule means that they have clashes and will only be able to play less than 50% of their primary teams’ games.

Reasons that are not acceptable are:

A team is short 1 or 2 nights and wants to reinforce their team rather than take the risk of book players

A team wants to use a player short term

In order to make sure that these rules are not being abused and, therefore, making the competition fair the following is the registration process for Casual players.

If a player wishes to be a casual then he/she or the Team Leader must write to the Committee ([email protected]) at least 24 hours before their first match explaining why they should not have to pay the full registration fee. The committee will then approve or reject your application. If approved then the player will be added to the nominated team list and registered as a casual. If rejected then the player will have to pay the full registration fee to represent the nominated team. All Casual players must pay their $15.00 match fee to the Registrar BEFORE each game or the game will be a forfeit.

Casual players will be monitored for the number of games played and if they exceed 50% they must pay the balance of the registration fee. The committee reserves the right to revoke a team’s Casual players if the team is found guilty of abusing the Casual player system.

10.0 Guest Players

10.1 A guest player can be a non-member of our association or a non-financial member who has not signed up as a player in the previous season (half year).

10.2 A non-member of the association who is brought along by a team member (as a guest) to play (once) for that team (except non-local players). By definition (as a non-local player) this is an invitation only player who usually lives interstate or overseas and is visiting the inviting member.

10.3 A guest player can be a guest only twice and must pay a guest player fee of $10.00 each time.

10.4 Guest players are not allowed to play in FA Cup matches.

11.0 New Players

11.1 A prospective new player of the association who is looking to join the Club and a team. Currently allowed 2 free games to assess their abilities and find an appropriate team. A new player must register with the Registrar before the game and sign the registration card acknowledging the club indemnity clauses.

11.2 New players are not allowed to play in FA Cup matches unless registered and financial prior to the game.

12.0 No Team Players

A full-fee paid member of the association who, (for whatever reason), has not been allocated a team in the current competition.

13.0 Pre-arranged Goalkeepers

A Team Leader can pre-arrange a Goalkeeper and either the Team Leader or Goalkeeper must register his name with the Registrar on the team sheet BEFORE the game.

A pre-arranged Goalkeeper does not need to be recorded ‘on the Book’.

14.0 Order of Book Players

Therefore, by definition, the following book order should apply:

1st No Team Player (as they are a full fee paid player that for whatever reason has not been allocated a team)

2nd New Player (as they are trying out for a team but not yet a paid up member)

3rd Book Player (as they are assisting the competition and receiving a free game for doing so)

4th Book Player who already has a game [scheduled or has played already] on that night

14.1 Guest and Casual players are by definition NOT book players as they are already nominated on the relevant team sheet.

14.2 There is no requirement to record guest and casual players in the book, as they are not book players and therefore not subject to rules of the book playing order.

14.3 Guests and Casuals are registered on the Book but under a total separate column for transparency, to explain if other Book players query why a Guest or Casual appears to have ‘jumped the queue’.

14.4 There is one other situation:

When a team is short of players as some of their Members are playing in other tournaments (Pan Pacs, Cairns, Bangkok etc) the Team Leader is able to pre-arrange temporary replacement players to avoid forfeit.

These pre-arranged players MUST be registered and entered on team sheet BEFORE the game.

15.0 Team Responsibilities

15.1 Any team joining Legends Football may do so in the name of their club or any other name of their choosing but all the players must apply to become financial members of Legends Football.

15.2 The Management Committee will issue draws of all competitions to each Team Leader who shall ensure that individual team members are aware of the draw. The Management Committee shall also post the draws on club noticeboards and website.

15.3 The first two teams playing are responsible for positioning the goal posts and corner flags.

15.4 The last two teams playing are responsible for repositioning the goalposts and collecting the corner flags. All equipment is to be placed in green bins and put in the storage room.

15.5 All team members are requested to look after their club’s property.

16.0 Over 55 Sevens and Legends Sevens Special Rules

The Over 55s follow the same rules as the other divisions with the following exceptions or additions.

16.1 The pitch will be half of the full sized pitch and the game will be played across the normal pitch.

16.2 Only two book players are allowed. If a book player is injured or cannot complete the match then they can be replaced by another book player.

16.3 Goals can only be scored from shots outside the D or from within the D via the head or torso. It is NOT a goal if you shoot from within the D and it deflects off an opponent.

16.4 Players must retreat 5 metres from a corner or free kick.

16.5 A goal kick can be taken from anywhere inside the D.

16.6 A team must have 5 registered players of their own or the match is a forfeit.

16.7 If a team takes any book players then they cannot have more than 8 players in the squad for that match. ie: they cannot take a book player and have two subs.

16.8 Pre-arranged goalkeepers count as book players. A team must always have 5 of their own registered players for the match to not be a forfeit.

16.9 Goalkeepers in the over 55’s competition can not score and are restricted from crossing the halfway line due to the underage player rule.

17.0 Special Rulings

17.1 Any player who is banned by the Soccer Federation will NOT be eligible to play in Legends Football.

17.2 Only registered players (including registered Casuals) are eligible to play for their own team during the FA cup competition, no book, new members or guest players. The exception is goalkeepers.

FA Cup Final – teams can only use players who have played a minimum of two games for that team in the current year.

Matches that are abandoned due to weather or serious injury will be replayed unless the match was 75% completed or more in which case the result at the time will stand.

17.3 Any game cancelled by the Management Committee will be recorded as a scoreless draw with both teams awarded 2 points unless the game has been otherwise re-scheduled.

18.0 General

18.1 Generally the year has three (3) seasons depending upon number of teams in a division and inclement weather. Membership fees are paid monthly for 12 months. The first season starts mid-February and finishes in May/June. We have right of use of te pitches through to end November

18.2 Membership fees are set as under the constitution clause 7.

18.3 All players must wear shin pads. It is recommended for Goalkeepers to wear gloves. Spare sets are available from the Registrar.

18.4 All correspondence to Legends Football shall be addressed to “The Secretary” at the specified postal address of the club or via email using CONTACT US on the website. All contact information will refer to the formal postal address of the club.

As at 16th February 2024 this information is:

Legends Football Gold Coast
P.O Box 280
QLD 4215

Any changes to these details will be recorded in the minutes of a formal management or General Meeting, and the relevant documents updated.


Updated: 29 February 2024

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